Ventura Stone and Surface Restoration

If you have marble floors, kitchen counter tops, vanity tops or shower walls that have become stained, etched, scratched, or lost their shine and beauty, you may be thinking about replacing them. Please give us a call before you make a decsion to replace the surface, and save money with our stone restoration services. Restoration is significantly less costly yet every bit as effective as replacement. With time, use, or improper maintenance, the elegance of marble and limestone will inevitably diminish. Professional marble and limestone restoration services are a cost-effective way to achieve dramatically impressive results — marble and limestone that looks like it was just installed.



We use the highest IMPACT ABRASIVES (also known as LOWEST GRIT) to smooth out LIPPAGE (uneven edges). Our technicians are very careful to make sure you get everything just right.


ETCHING is another word for scratches that make the stone look dull. Acid spills (i.e. from wine, juice and pet stains) are a common cause of this. The bad news is that the stains take place almost immediately, but the good news is that the sealers help keep the etching on top of the surface so that they can be buffed out again. Please note, however, that limestone, marble and travertine will all have different needs and results according to density, grade and porosity.


Shines vary from honed (or matte) to custom-medium to high-gloss. The uniformity of the shine will depend on the following factors: the amount of fill, open pores and blade marks. 


Ventura County Service Locations

  • Ventura
  • Oxnard
  • Camarillo
  • Santa Paula
  • Fillmore
  • Ojai